Equipping, Empowering, Releasing


Duncan Baraka - Missions Coordinator

The heartbeat of the Ministry of AMA is its programs and the impact therein. I wish to thank God for the milestone in the implementation of the different programs. It is in this regard that I welcome you to celebrate the accomplishments so far from January through December 2022.


Reality is that Christians all over the world are confronted with secularistic trends such as humanism, materialism, global cultures, modern civilization, human philosophies and the resurgence of Africa tradition worship that has increasingly become a threat to the foundations of Christian faith. The negative effect of these trends to Africa is that it is beginning to experience de-Christianisation with now high numbers of de-churched Christians. This has been proven by millions of people turning Sunday as a day to shop or family outing instead of choosing to attend church.

To the younger generation, Christianity is perceived as exclusive and a private faith matter that is left to individuals and free-will of choice. On the extreme end the church in Africa has become complaisance to this trend being influenced by the above-mentioned factors hence affecting its core mandate of evangelization and discipleship

Through AMA, sensitization of Bishops, clergy and laity is done on the need and urgency of developing practical urban mission strategies responding to the plight of urban community.
The training was dispensed in a three month period in which it was carried out in the first week of each month.
The main Strategic Goal for This training is “Empower Christian workers in the Urban World with practical and
Transformative skills for Urban Ministry.” 

AMEC Objective And Plan

The main objective of AMEC is to shape the spiritual destiny of nations in Africa through rallying the entire Church towards embracing and practicing Evangelism as way of life in Christian mission. Alongside primary evangelism, AMEC intends to plan missionary activities with multisector participation such as Medical camps, Legal clinics, sports evangelism, schools & hospital outreach, teachers & businessmen forums, boda boda race forums and relevant social activities that directly impact people’s spiritual and social wellbeing. The ultimate objective of AMEC is to cause Re-evangelization and Re-awakening of the church in Africa. In its nature and composition, AMEC targets to mobilization the whole church into mission, including Bishops, Clergy, Evangelists, Lay Readers, Youth and professionals in all sectors of society to evangelize through their gifting and talents. The target is raising 1, 000 Evangelists and beyond at any given time.

For this to be realized, church leaders (the ordained) need to create enabling environment and space for the lay Christians to respond to the great commission by stepping out as evangelists. In this case, the chief role of clergy is enablers and mentors of the Lay movement of Christian Evangelists

AMEC Activities


A Mission To Nambale Diocese

November 23rd - 27th 2022

The Nambale Mega Mission was marked by remarkable achievements and touched the lives of countless individuals….


A Mission To Mbeere Diocese

March 16th - 23rd 2023

The Mbeere Mega Mission witnessed the active participation of new Dioceses such as Embu, Meru, Kirinyaga, Machakos, and Nairobi, as well as the CITAM church. We were especially blessed to have the presence of the Rt. Rev. Ruben Katite, the Malindi Diocesan Bishop, who led various mission activities during the week….


A Mission To Malindi Diocese

April 26th - 30th 2023

The Malindi Mega Mission was marked by a diverse range of activities, each designed to reach individuals and communities with the life-changing message of the Gospel. Here are some of the key initiatives that took place during the mission….


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