Equipping, Empowering, Releasing

13th - 17th DEC 2023


23,224 Number of people reached

4 Churches Planted

8,641 Houses reached

64 Baptism/ confirmation cases

Mission Program and Activities

On December 2023, the ACK Makueni Diocese, in collaboration with Anglican Missions Africa and The Provincial Board of Missions, conducted a transformative evangelistic mission spanning from the 13th to the 17th. This mega mission aimed to spread the message of faith and extend the ministry’s outreach across various communities within the Diocese of Makueni.

The mission, involving 371 missioners from different dioceses and organizations from within and outside the country, covered a wide range of activities, including;

  • Revival meetings
  • Door-to-door evangelism, and workshops.
  • Hospital/Prison/Parastatal offices evangelism.
  • Open Air Evangelism
  • Church groups capacity building workshops
  • Family and Estate Fellowships etc.


The Makueni Diocese Mega Evangelistic Mission of 2023 stands as a testament to the commitment of the ministry in spreading the gospel and fostering spiritual growth, positioning the ministry for continued impactful missions in the future. The success of the mission is attributed to the collective effort of stakeholders, including the Office of the Archbishop, ACK Diocese of Makueni, the Diocesan Bishop of Makueni, congregations, volunteers, supporting organizations, and local authorities. Their unwavering support and contributions significantly impacted the success of the outreach initiatives. Special thanks are extended to the Diocese of Kitale for supporting the mission with over 80 bags of maize, alleviating the costs of evangelism. The achievements and lessons learned during this mission will guide future endeavors for more targeted and impactful outreach efforts.


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