Equipping, Empowering, Releasing

November 23rd - 27th 2022

Nambaale MISSION

834 Villages Visted

8 Identified areas for church planting

112,035 Estimated number of people reached

503 Baptism/ confirmation cases

Mission Programm and Activities

We are delighted to share with you the incredible success of the Nambale Mega Mission hosted by the esteemed Bishop of Nambale Diocese, The Rt. Rev Robert Magina. This momentous event took place on 23nd Р27th November 2023 bringing  together 1,632 evangelists from 18 dioceses, representing the Anglican Church of Kenya, Anglican Church of Uganda, and the Anglican Church Indiana (USA). Together, they embarked on a mission that touched the lives of thousands across 574 estates, encompassing 226 local congregations, 42 parishes, and 11 archdeaconries.

Throughout the Nambale Mega Mission, a multitude of activities were carried out, creating a vibrant atmosphere of faith and outreach. Here is a glimpse of the various initiatives that took place:

  1. Door-to-door evangelism: Passionate missioners visited homes within communities, engaging with individuals and families to share the message of God’s love and grace.
  2. Open air evangelism: In public spaces and gatherings, missioners boldly proclaimed the Gospel, capturing the attention of large crowds and spreading the good news far and wide.
  3. Road/street evangelism: Armed with zeal and conviction, the missioners took to the streets, reaching out to people from all walks of life, sharing the transformative power of faith.
  4. Home cell group meetings: Intimate gatherings were organized within homes, where missioners fostered personal connections, offered guidance, and facilitated discussions on matters of spirituality.
  5. Revivals: These lively events stirred hearts and ignited a renewed passion for Christ, bringing communities together to experience the joy and transformative power of the Holy Spirit.
  6. Morning devotions: The missioners gathered each morning, seeking divine guidance and invoking God’s blessings before embarking on their daily outreach activities.
  7. Hospital visitation: Compassionately, the missioners visited hospitals, extending prayers, support, and encouragement to patients, bringing comfort and hope in times of illness and distress.
  8. Individual/Group/Community counseling: Offering a listening ear and compassionate advice, the missioners provided guidance and support to individuals, groups, and entire communities, addressing their spiritual and emotional needs.
  9. Prison ministry: Recognizing the value of every human soul, the missioners extended their ministry to prisons, sharing the love of God, providing solace, and imparting messages of forgiveness and redemption.
  10. Church planting: Identifying areas with a need for a strong Christian presence, the missioners discovered eight locations where new churches could be established, fostering growth and spiritual development.


The Nambale Mega Mission was marked by remarkable achievements and touched the lives of countless individuals. Here are some key highlights:

– Number of villages visited: 834

– Number of houses visited: 22,407

– Estimated number of people reached: 112,035

– Anglican houses visited: 14,109

– Non-Anglican houses visited: 7,537

– Number of people who found salvation: 2,816

– Returnees: 977

– New members: 705

– New converts: 197

– Identified areas for church planting: 8

– Baptism/confirmation cases: 503

– Individuals who joined other denominations: 2,273

These numbers represent the profound impact that the Nambale Mega Mission had on both Anglican and non-Anglican communities alike. The transformative power of God’s love was evident as lives were touched, hearts were changed, and individuals embraced faith.

We are immensely grateful to all the missioners, volunteers, and supporters who made this mission possible. Your dedication, enthusiasm, and unwavering commitment to spreading the Gospel have truly made a difference in the lives of many.


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