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AMA Programmes

Our Courses are designed to enrich Church Leaders with the right knowledge for the modern time ministry, The world has become very dynamic and the Church also needs to keep changing and adapting in order not to be left behind, The methods through which the we spread the word of God has also changed and therefore, Our Courses provide the right knowledge to keep our Church Leaders relevant in modern times, You can learn our courses either physically or Online.

Kindly Contact Our Office Administrator through bomondi@missionsanglicanesafrique.org for more Information about the programmes.

Healthy Church Capacity Building

msa dioces

Mombasa Diocese healthy church trainees in a group discussion

Healthy church is a practical mission course that equips church workers for accelerated wholesome church growth.

The courses offered:

  • Exploring a theology of healthy church
  • Planting healthy churches
  • Discipling healthy churches
  • Leadership for a healthy church
  • Resource mapping
  • Church governance
  • Managing human resources
  • Managing positive image
  • Managing transitions
  • Growing healthy churches.

Course Duration

  1. Physical or residential training takes five full days: 8.00am to 4.00pm
  2. Online training takes 10 days half a day starting 9.00am to 1.00pm
Church Leaders Trained

School Outreach Discipleship Ministry Program

Students during a preaching session

Schools remain one of the major frontiers in the modern societies. Therefore, the program seeks to provide practical models of chaplaincy and character formation to teenagers and youth across the education spectrum.

It covers the following;

  • The history of church involvement in schools
  • Understanding children and teens
  • Responsive ministry of children, teens and youth
  • Ministry delivery strategy
  • Qualities and roles of school ministers.
Church Leaders Trained
Students Reached
Students Born again

Africa Missions and Evangelism Caravan (AMEC)

During an AMA mission In Tanzania

Africa Missions and Evangelism Caravan (AMEC) is the final demonstration of AMA’s vision and Mission strategy. After Church workers undergoing capacity building on Healthy church course, they are mobilized and encouraged to practically step out as agents of spiritual renewal and social transformation.

AMEC intends to plan missionary activities with multisector participation such as Medical camps, Legal clinics, sports evangelism, schools & hospital outreach, teachers & businessmen forums, boda boda race forums and relevant social activities that directly impact people’s spiritual and social wellbeing. The ultimate objective of AMEC is to cause Re-evangelization and Re-awakening of the church in Africa. In its nature and composition, AMEC targets to mobilize the whole church into mission, including Bishops, Clergy, Evangelists, Lay Readers, Youth and professionals in all sectors of society to evangelize through their gifting and talents. The target is raising 1, 000 Evangelists and beyond at any given time.

Reached Out To
New Baptisms

Urban Orientation Capacity Building Program

An aerial view of Nairobi City

Africa is the last continent to urbanize. The urban world therefore is now the new mission frontier as the majority of the African people migrate from rural to urban centers. This is a course developed to orient urban church workers with basic knowledge and skills on how to effectively reach out and disciple people living in towns and cities of Africa.

It covers the following:

  • Historical perspective of urbanization
  • Theology of urban missions
  • Spiritual Disciplines of an urban church minister
  • Christian Mission and Development in urban world
  • Homiletics
  • Church administration
Participants Trained


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