Equipping, Empowering, Releasing

School Outreach Discipleship Ministry Program

Over the years the church has focused on adult ministry leaving students in our institution of learning unattended to. Kenyans statistics shows that people below the age 35 years stand at 35.7 million, thus 75.1% of total population.
This constitutes the children and youth who are in our learning institution. Hence this depicts the generation that carries the future while growing up ill-equipped.
It is in this premise that Missions Anglicanes Afrique is and will champion and equip the church to focus its ministry to institution of learning.
The Strategic Goal for School outreach Ministry is: “Effective Ministry to Students across the
Spectrum of Learning Institutions.” Missions Anglicanes Afrique (AMA) acknowledges the urgency in molding the
children and youth for the betterment of the nation and the future of the church. It in this regard that we intend to:

1. Turn all learning institutions into mission frontiers. Learning institutions provide opportunity of reaching thousands and millions of young people, all of them into confined spaces with open minds, to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ.

2. Schools, colleges and universities are Centers of influence for both positive and negative worldviews/ideologies and philosophies that contradict Biblical faith thus subjecting majority of young people to embrace secular trends and lose out on their Christian faith.

3. The most pressing is the growing culture that encourages alternative life styles and trends driven by secular humanism that is in constant denial of God and promoting self-centeredness and values that are not in line with Biblical values. Young people are the main target and easy prey for all these negative vices in societies across the world.

The above intentions will be actualized by:
1. Leveraging on the existing Christian unions and fellowships in schools: This is in appreciations that we already
have existing ministries making significant impact in Kenyan schools. Our motivation is to collaborate with
Scripture Unions, Kenya Students Christian Fellowship (KSCF) and Fellowship of Christian Union (FOCUS)
Kenya to enhance ministry to students.
2. Coordinate and run the following programs :
3. Formation and Equipping of Mission Teams in Dioceses.
4. Wholesome Teen tour
5. Chaplaincy conferences
6. Learning Institutions Discipleship (Primary –University)


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