Equipping, Empowering, Releasing

Resource Mobilization

AMA accompanies the church through mobilization of funds for the roofing of the new planted churches and distribution of tents to kick start evangelism in the various Diocese, therefore we not only help in planting the Churches but also put together resources to help the Churches grow, we achieve this through support from Donors and Partnerships with different Dioceses both locally in Kenya and other Countries in which we operate, the resources are in form of Tents, Bibles, Building Materials, Musical Instruments such as Public address Systems, Since its inception we have:

i). Distributed 65 tents in the provinces of Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Mozambique.

ii). Roofed atleast 20 churches.

Together We can help Churches grow through your Donation, Or Contact Our Office Administrator through bomondi@missionsanglicanesafrique.org.


AMA Director Posing with the Western Kenya Anglican Bishops

AMA donated Tent in Butere Dioces For Church Planting

Ama Church 2

Church Session Ongoing in the Newly Donated Tent 

AMA Church Planting Session In Prohress


P.O BOX 12713. 0100 Nairobi, GPO Ngong - Kibiko Booster Road, Kenya.