Equipping, Empowering, Releasing

June 23RD - 27th Aug 2023

Nyahururu Mega Mission 2023

34,372 Number of people reached

6 Churches Planted

15,709 Homes reached

12 Baptism/ confirmation cases

Mission Program and Activities

Nyahururu Mega Mission 2023

Anglican Missions Africa presents the Nyahururu Mega Mission 2023, a remarkable event that took place from the 23rd to the 27th of August. This monumental gathering brought together 19 Dioceses, congregating 1800 dedicated evangelists under one sacred mission. Nyahururu Diocese, nestled in the heart of Nyandarua County and Laikipia West Sub County, played a pivotal role in hosting this extraordinary event. It was an occasion marked by unity, fervor, and an unwavering commitment to spreading the Gospel. Nyahururu Diocese, had the distinct honor of being the 5th Diocese to receive the Anglican Missionary flag and organize this Mega Mission.

Diverse Participation

The Nyahururu Mega Mission was a testament to the unity and diversity within the Anglican Missions Africa family. A total of 19 Dioceses were represented, each bringing its unique energy and enthusiasm to the event. The breakdown of missioners showcased the collaborative spirit:

  • Nyahururu: 1500  
  • Kirinyaga: 100
  • Kericho: 46
  • Malindi: 16
  • Katakwa: 1  
  • Makueni: 11
  • Nakuru: 27
  • Kampala-Uganda: 1
  • Meru: 4    
  • Taita Taveta: 2    
  • Nairobi: 6
  • Kitale: 11
  • Namirembe-Uganda: 7
  • Kajiado: 2
  • Baringo: 11
  • Eldoret: 1
  • Mbeere: 15
  • Mombasa: 12
  • Nambale: 24     
  • Maseno South: 3
  • Africa Evangelistic Enterprise: 1   
  • Anglican Missions Africa-AMA: 5


Week of Transformative Activities

The Nyahururu Mega Mission was an action-packed week, filled with activities aimed at bringing the Gospel to the hearts and homes of the people. The diverse range of activities included:

  1. Door to Door Evangelism: Engaging with individuals and families in their homes, sharing the message of faith and salvation.
  2. Open Air Evangelism: Taking the Gospel to public spaces, bringing the message to a broader audience.
  3. Revivals: Reviving and strengthening the faith of existing believers through powerful and inspirational gatherings.
  4. Morning Devotions: Starting each day with devotionals to center hearts and minds on the mission’s purpose.
  5. Baptisms: Celebrating the initiation of new believers into the Christian faith.
  6. Hospital Outreach: Extending love and prayers to those in hospitals, offering hope and comfort.
  7. Business Community Outreach: Engaging with the business community, spreading the message of faith in the workplace.
  8. Sunday Services: Culminating the week with uplifting and inspiring Sunday services, celebrating the faith journey.

Transformation and Impact

The Nyahururu Mega Mission left an indelible mark on the communities it touched. The outcomes were nothing short of miraculous:

  • Number of Parishes: 58
  • Villages Covered: 409
  • Number of Houses Visited: 15,709
  • Total Number of People Reached: 34,372
  • Number of Anglican Houses Visited: 7,624
  • Number of Non-Anglicans Visited: 11,030
  • Number of New Converts: 1,652
  • New Members: 1,019
  • New Churches Planted: 6
  • Baptisms: 12
  • Number of People not Attending any Church: 2,425
  • Returnees: 970

These statistics reflect the profound impact of the Nyahururu Mega Mission, bringing the light of faith to both Anglicans and non-Anglicans alike, fostering unity and spiritual growth, and strengthening the community’s connection with God.

Anglican Missions Africa is immensely proud to have played a role in organizing and supporting this mission, and we look forward to continued efforts to spread God’s love and grace throughout Africa and beyond. Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey of faith and service.


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