Equipping, Empowering, Releasing

April 26th - 30th 2023


23 Crusades conducted

5 New church plants

15,100 Estimated number of people reached

1,055 New converts

Mission Program and Activities

We are thrilled to share with you the remarkable achievements of the Malindi Mega Mission, graciously hosted by the esteemed Bishop of Malindi Diocese, The Rt. Rev Reuben Katite. The mission took place on 26th – 30th April 2023. Given the vastness of the diocese, the mission was organized into four centers to receive missioners: St. Thomas Memorial (Kilifi Cluster), St. Mary’s Pro Cathedral (Malindi Cluster), St. Michael Mpeketoni (Lamu Cluster), and Hola (Tana River Cluster). This strategic approach allowed for widespread outreach and maximum impact throughout the region.

The Malindi Mega Mission was marked by a diverse range of activities, each designed to reach individuals and communities with the life-changing message of the Gospel. Here are some of the key initiatives that took place during the mission:

  1. Door-to-door evangelism: Missioners embarked on a journey from house to house, engaging in meaningful conversations, and sharing the love and hope found in Jesus Christ.
  2. Open air evangelism: In public spaces and gatherings, missioners fearlessly proclaimed the Gospel, capturing the attention of large crowds and fostering an atmosphere of spiritual awakening.
  3. Home cell group meetings: Intimate gatherings were organized within homes, where missioners nurtured personal connections, facilitated discussions, and provided spiritual guidance and support.
  4. Revivals: These vibrant and powerful events brought people together in worship, prayer, and the proclamation of God’s Word, leading to a renewed sense of faith and commitment.
  5. Morning devotions: Every morning, missioners gathered to seek God’s presence, guidance, and strength, setting the spiritual tone for the day’s activities.
  6. Children ministry: Recognizing the importance of nurturing faith in the younger generation, special efforts were made to engage children in age-appropriate activities, teaching them about God’s love and His plan for their lives.
  7. Bible Study: In small group settings, missioners conducted discipleship programs and Bible studies, equipping individuals with a deeper understanding of Scripture and encouraging personal growth in faith.
  8. Tree Planting: Demonstrating care for God’s creation, the missioners lead by the bishop, engaged in environmental stewardship by planting trees, promoting sustainability, and preserving the natural beauty of the region.
  9. Church Planting: Recognizing the need for local places of worship, the mission resulted in the establishment of five new church plants: ACK Basi Church in Kilifi, ACK Mtsara wa Tsatsu Church in Bamba, ACK Witu Church in Lamu, ACK Hurara Church in Tana River, and ACK Mikinduni Church in Tana River. These new congregations serve as beacons of hope and spiritual growth within their communities.

The impact of the Malindi Mega Mission is truly inspiring. Here are some of the key highlights:

– Homesteads visited: 3,612

– Number of people reached: 15,100

– Crusades conducted: 23

– Discipleship/Bible study programs: 20

– Revival meetings: 13

– New converts: 1,055

– New members: 33

– New church plants: 5

These achievements speak to the dedication, passion, and commitment of the missioners and all those involved in making the Malindi Mega Mission a resounding success. Lives have been transformed, communities have been impacted, and the Kingdom of God has expanded in this region.

At AMA, we remain steadfast in our commitment to spreading the love of Christ, bringing hope to the hopeless, and transforming lives through our missions. We invite you to join us on this incredible journey as we continue to make a lasting impact throughout Africa.


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