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Urban Orientation Capacity Building Program

We are excited to introduce our Urban Orientation course, one of the flagship programs of AMA. This comprehensive course is designed to equip urban church workers with essential knowledge and skills to effectively reach out to and disciple the diverse populations living in towns and cities across Africa.

The Urban Orientation course covers a wide range of topics to provide participants with a holistic understanding of the urban mission context. Here are some of the key areas covered in the course:

1. Historical Perspectives of the Urban World: Participants will explore the historical evolution of urban areas in Africa and the unique challenges and opportunities that have arisen over time.

Growth and Expansion of the Urban World: This module delves into the rapid growth and expansion of urban centers in Africa and how it impacts the mission and outreach efforts of the church.

Theology of Urban Mission: Participants will engage in theological discussions and reflections on the significance of urban mission work in the context of African cities and towns.

Urban World – A Confluence of Mission Context: This section examines the diverse cultures, religions, and belief systems present in urban areas, providing insights into effective approaches to engage with these diverse communities.

Introduction to Urban Development:  Understanding the complexities of urban development and its implications for the church’s mission and outreach strategies.

Urban Spirituality:  Participants will explore the unique spiritual challenges and opportunities present in urban environments and learn how to foster spiritual growth within urban communities.

The Urban Youth Cultures: This module focuses on understanding the youth demographics in urban settings and exploring ways to engage and disciple young people effectively.

Dynamics of Urban Leadership: Participants will develop leadership skills tailored to the specific challenges and responsibilities faced by church workers in urban ministry.

We take immense pride in the achievements of our Urban Orientation course participants. Here are some of the highlights:

  1. Graduation in Mombasa Diocese on 19th February 2022: On this special occasion, 12 participants successfully completed the course and were equipped with the necessary tools to carry out effective urban ministry.
  2. Training for Nairobi Diocese on 16th July 2022: We conducted a comprehensive training session for 52 participants from 30 parishes in Nairobi. The overwhelming response to this training demonstrates the growing interest and commitment to urban ministry.
  3. Training for Mombasa Diocese on 22nd – 26th August 2022: An additional training session was held for 12 participants in the Mombasa Diocese, further expanding our reach in equipping church workers for urban mission.

Training at Mombasa Diocese on 14th – 16th February 2024: AMA conducted a three-day urban orientation workshop at ACK Mombasa Memorial Cathedral Diocese with 37 participants from February 14th to 16th.We encourage other bishops to consider hosting similar workshops to equip clergy and laity for impactful ministry in urban settings. We extend our gratitude to Bishop Alphonse Baya for his leadership and commitment to unlocking the potential for accelerated church growth in the diocese through urban missions.

Additionally, in 2021, we successfully trained 25 individuals, adding to our pool of passionate and skilled urban church workers.

At AMA, we are dedicated to fostering a strong network of church workers equipped to tackle the unique challenges of urban ministry across Africa. Through our Urban Orientation course, we aim to empower church workers to effectively reach out and disciple the people living in towns and cities, making a positive impact on urban communities throughout the continent.

Join us in this exciting journey of urban mission, and together, let’s make a difference in the lives of those in Africa’s urban centers.





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